On Board is spearheaded by the production team of Jason Aron and Andrea Fasano who have a combined two decades of production experience on both coasts of the United States. Aron comes off the success of the 2015 number 1 documentary ​Back in Time, a Back to the Future documentary that featured Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and dozens of other cast, crew, and fans.  Fasano, a veteran of unscripted television production has experience producing a variety of shows for Rogue Atlas Productions and The Game Show Network.  Named the 'Ultimate People Person' by Choice Hotels International, Andrea is no stranger to the world of travel and on-camera work.  Rounding off the team is a veteran of almost 20 years working in every aspect of live event production, Greg Lassik.  Lassik directed the 2016 documentary, Running the 184, which is currently making the rounds in the film festival circuit, and also worked on Back in Time with Aron. Traveling the world for an independant documentary is a challenge, and the team couldn't be happier to have an all-star crew traveling with us.

Jason Aron

Andrea Fasano

Greg Lassik
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Sameer Khan

Rachel Kopczyk
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