Behind The Scenes
We want you to join us on our journey as we travel all over the world meeting incredible people and making this film.  Be sure to follow us on social media for special Facebook Live events and stay tuned to this page to view our exclusive behind the scenes look at our travels.
Episode 4 - We’re Going to Europe - Let’s MegaDo This!

Andrea, Jason and our newest shooter Matt Lenz head to Europe.  It's a crazy week that takes them from Vienna to Brussels to Palma de Mallorca on a private charter with a group of travel enthusiasts.  After the intense trip, the On Board team travels to Copenhagen to interview the CEO of Norwegian Airlines, as the airline takes a brand new 787 Dreamliner and loads it up for charity.  This is an episode you have to see to believe!
Episode 3 - Theee Points Guy

We travel back to New York City to interview the legend and Forbes' number 1 travel influencer in the world, Brian Kelly - better known as The Points Guy.  Take a quuick peek at his awesome NYC hideout.
Episode 2 - Frequent Traveler University in Minneapolis, MN

Join the On Board crew as we join 250 travel hopefuls on a weekend journey in Minneapolis.  We meet an incredible amount of amazing speakers, TV personalities and even visit the Mall of America.  
Episode 1 - The Making of a Travel Documentary

Andrea and Jason take you through the documentary concept, start planning for Minneapolis and shoot the first two interviews of the documentary.  Its a BTS pilot and you won't want to miss it.