Who's In It?

Lee Abbamonte
Travel expert

Janet Antonson
VP Communications,
Star Alliance

Gary Ardnt
Award winning
travel photographer

Kate Cumbo
Director Programs
PeaceJam International

Tommy Danielsen
Founder FTU, MegaDo, InsideFlyer

Johnny Jet DiScala Travel blogger

Natalie DiScala
Oh! Travelissima

Arnaud Feist
CEO, Brussels Airport

Tiffany Funk
One Mile At a Time

Peter Greenberg
Travel Editor, CBS News

Bernard Gustin
CEO, Brussels Airlines

Jared Kamrowski

Greg Davis-Kean
The Frequent Miler

Brian Kelly
The Points Guy

Bjørn Kjos
CEO, Norwegian Airlines

Mathew Klint
Live and Let's Fly

Stefan Krasowski
Rapid Travel Chai

Anders Lindström
Director of Communications,  Norwegian Airlines

Rudy Maxa
Television travel host

Mark McGoey
Director of Loyalty

Marty Paz
Travel Expert

Ed Pizzarello
Pizza in Motion

Naldo Rei
Author & Activist

Michael Schutzbank
Director of Customer Loyalty
​Skyteam Alliance

Peter Thier
Head of Corporate Comm
​Austrian Airlines

Kendra Thornton
Travel expert &
agency owner

A Letter from the Director
I have always loved to travel as long as I can remember.  Walking from the jet bridge onto an airplane was a magical experience for me as a child, and as an adult, I often find myself fixated with a gaze out of the window, enamored as the plane reaches takeoff speed and lifts off the ground.  

In directing my first feature length documentary, Back in Time, I traveled with my crew to three countries on two continents, and made constant coast-to-coast trips across the United States.  An accidental by-product of creating that documentary was achieving the top airline status, Diamond Medallion 360, offered by Delta Airlines.  I began to understand that first class travel, business lounges, beds on planes, and luxuries of that nature were not out of reach.

What I did find is that traveling like a rockstar on a daily basis - million milers, travel bloggers, those who hunt credit card points for sport and travel on the world’s largest planes and call the top lounges home, is a hobby like no other.  There is an elite society of travelers and experiences that I want to capture and share with all those who are curious, envious, and of course the people who don’t even know they exist.  Deeper than the travel, there is a community who cares about our global health and gives back to society. On Board will capture it all. This documentary will take viewers on a journey, quite literally, to explore what traveling the globe is REALLY all about.


Jason Aron