ON BOARD | The Documentary

Directed by: Jason Aron
Produced by: Andrea Fasano
Cinematography: Greg Lassik
Release Date: 2018
iMDb: Click Here  
From the director that brought the 2015 number 1 documentary ​​Back in Time comes a film that explores one of the oldest hobbies of mankind.  Travel.  2018 will shed a brand new light on those that live to travel.
Film Synopsis
Up in the Air meets real life...
People are naturally intrigued by travel.  As one of the largest industries in the world at over $7 trillion annually, travel is a part of so many lives on so many levels.  There are a select few that make travel life: the luxury traveler, the jet-setters, the points hunter. It's these select few that turn travel into sport. When boarding a airplane, passengers admire the first class cabin with amazement - and why not with suites the size of a New York City studio apartment.  When walking the hallways of an airport, those bright frosted glass doors separate the masses from that special business lounge.  The airlines, hotels, and travel companies market their high-end products to those that use them, but their appeal reaches everyone.  After all without the envy of other passengers, what fun is it to skip the check-in line? 

The world of travel is extremely vast.  This film goes far beyond the airport.  The world has become more accessible than it ever was before, but how have we as a society taken advantage of that, or have we?  In a feature length documentary, there is so much that can be covered on travel.  Networks like the Travel Channel constantly explore different parts of the world or segments of travel.  In this documentary, we will weave a story that explores the people who travel the most and the global impact that those people, and the travel industry truly have to offer.  
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